Ms. Figueroa-Robles

Transforming student behavior through tech: Ms. Figueroa-Robles’s Story

Ms. Figueroa-Robles

I was born in New York, and I wanted to work for the DOE once I graduated from high school. I started in the DOE as a teacher’s assistant, and that was my stepping stone to becoming a teacher. That program was 4 years, so after that once I graduated from my Bachelor’s I went to another group. I got all of my TESOL credits at Fordham University. I really like my job, I’ve been teaching since 2004.

In my class I have one or two students who have a problem with attendance. Lateness for one student, but he’s had this problem ever since the end of sixth grade, so it’s just a recurring issue. Through Kinvolved I send his parents messages saying, “he’s late, he got here at this time.” The parent isn’t responding but I noticed that he has gotten a little better, tries to get here early.
With Kinvolved I don’t have to make phone calls like the previous years, now I just log into the computer and tell the parents, “So and so didn’t do the homework,” and as soon as the student sees my typing they say “I’ll do the homework tomorrow,” and I say “I’m sorry, I already sent the message out!” Even if the parent answers me back immediately the student has started doing the homework, they know that’s their responsibility. I always establish a relationship with the parents, they can call me even when I’m at home, on the weekend– but with Kinvolved I feel like it’s much easier. Because to use your phone when you’re teaching, that’s a little more difficult- you have to stop instruction. But we’re always on the computer taking attendance, so it’s very easy to send out a message. And the parents get it right away, and they’ll send me a text, so there’s a back and forth now.

Ms. Figueroa-Robles, Teacher, ESL
Urban Science Academy
March 6, 2016