A social venture based in Brooklyn, NY, Kinvolved is closing the communication gap to improve graduation rates, boost the economy, and help the U.S. achieve top ranking among its peer nations.

As Kinvolved expands its reach, the founders of Kinvolved, Miriam Altman and Alexandra Meis, stay rooted in their initial experiences in the classroom and the community, which led them to start Kinvolved in 2012. They established a relationship with a public school in West Harlem, which tested the very first version of Kinvolved’s app, and still works with Kinvolved three years later.

But simply offering a great app won’t drive change. The tool must be coupled with human capital. Together, Kinvolved’s technology and human support have driven huge results.

Kinvolved is an award-winning organization. It has won The Robin Hood College Success Prize, NYU Berkeley Center Social Innovation Competition, Milken-PennGSE Education Business Plan Competition, and the Teach For America Social Innovation Award. Miriam and Alex were named on Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2015.

Kinvolved currently works with 300 schools and after school programs in underserved communities nationwide.

Learn more at http://www.kinvolved.com.


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